Features & Benefits

FIRETHREADS makes innovative lacrosse stringing materials that take mesh and traditional pocket performance to new levels.  Each product begins with research and testing to find the optimal thread from which to weave the lace, cord, or mesh. Some of the things we look for are degree of softness, amount of stretch, strength, and how it reacts with water.  Then we add the special sauce - GripPrint™ - which puts FIRETHREADS in a class by itself.

STRINGER PACK contains 4 shooter laces, 2 shooter cords, 4 sidewalls, and 1 bottom lace. Our unique benefits that you cannot get from any other strings are proven to include:

      • Faster Shots
      • More Hold Without More Whip
      • A Reduction Of The "Greaser Effect" When Old Slippery Balls Slip Out Of Your Stick
      • Ultimate Control, Feel, Consistency
      • Snappier Outlet Passing For Goalies And Cross Fields For D Men
      • Locked Down Pockets That Will Not Loosen

      SHOOTER 3-PACK contains 2 shooter laces and 1 skinny lace. The most cost effective way to try out Firethreads and the first pack in which The Skinny is available.  For benefits see Stringer Pack above!

        RAIL SYNTHETIC LEATHERS PACK contains a set of 4 Firethreads RAIL, which are 30" long 5mm cords with double sided GripPrint. Works great in women's pockets too! Compared to normal leathers, RAIL are proven to perform:

          • No Break In
          • Waterproof Non-Stretch Material
          • GripPrint Dots Help To String Consistent Diamond Size
          • Reduce Ball Spin When Catching
          • Ultimate Control, Feel, Consistency

        TRADXLACE TRADITIONAL CROSSLACE PACK contains a 6yd length of 3mm crosslace with single sided GripPrint.  Works great in women's pockets too! Compared to nylon crosslace, TRADX is proven to perform:

          • Waterproof Non-Stretch Material
          • Reduces Ball Spin When Catching
          • Ultimate Control, Feel, Consistency

        FIREMESH PACK contains one piece of semi-soft weatherproof mesh with targeted GripPrint. Compared to regular mesh, testers have found:

          • More Hold Without More Whip
          • Keeps Ball In Sweet Spot
          • Reduced Ball Spin For Easier Catching
          • Ultimate Feel, Control, Consistency

        First there was gut and leather.  Then there was basic mesh, nylon, and hockey laces.  Now there are FIRETHREADS with GripPrint.  The next innovation in stringing materials is here. Only one person can tell you if it is right for your game.  Enjoy!