Eleven Mesh (Semi-Hard)


Introducing the newest evolution in lacrosse pockets, THE ELEVEN, featuring for the first time Eleven Weave x ESP x GripPrint for a totally unique feel we call Hybrid Performance: Consistency of Mesh x Feel of Traditional.

Eleven Weave defines the channel while providing increased surface area for optimal GripPrint adhesion.

ESP for increased strength and texture, including extreme resistance to corrosive elements resulting in high durability.  Extreme Strength & Perception.

GripPrint welded to Eleven Weave for added control and guided release. 

THE ELEVEN is available in:

  • 9D Semi Soft WH/BK
  • 9D Semi Soft USA (Limited Edition)
  • 9D Semi-Hard WH/WH
  • 9D Soft BK/WH
  • 3D Soft BK/WH

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