TradXLace (Traditional Crosslace)


Firethreads TRADX is the only traditional crosslace made with a non-stretch waterproof core and a soft cover with added GripPrint, resulting in a totally unique feel and performance.  Works as a full replacement for standard crosslace, or use in combination with standard crosslace for a more targeted approach. Use with our RAIL synthetic leathers to create the FUTURE TRADITIONAL pocket, with all the control and feel benefits of a traditional but with no break in and no change in water!

  • Waterproof Non-Stretch Materials
  • Fast Break In
  • Reduces Ball Spin When Catching
  • More Hold Without More Whip
  • Ultimate Feel, Control, Consistency
  • For Men's And Women's Pockets

Contains: 1 piece, 6 yard 3mm crosslace