Designed specifically to maximize control, feel, and power in women's pockets, the WLAX DYNAMIC KIT is the first pocket system to utilize different core materials to add both performance and structure to the channel!  The lime tipped RAIL have a more structured core to help define the channel.  The black tipped RAIL have a dynamic core with some stretch, designed to add work with the force of the ball in the pocket to increase performance when cradling, catching, or shooting.  Plus we added three of our 3mm shooter cords so you can get that Firethreads feel off the top!  Use with our TRADX crosslace to create a dynamic pocket that requires no break in, does not change in water, and will give you performance like nothing else in the game!

  • Lime Tipped Structured RAIL To Define The Channel
  • Black Tipped Dynamic RAIL For Give & Increased Channel Performance
  • Super Fast Break In
  • Weatherproof
  • Double Sided GripPrint Dots Helps To Secure Crosslace

INCLUDES: 2 Structured RAIL, 2 Dynamic RAIL, 3 Shooter Cords

COLOR: Black